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Norsk Opplæring AS

Who can participate: Nurses that are already educated and have their Bachelor in Nursing and 2 years of experience or more.

Starting of the course: When we have 25/50 students – probably September 2020


The duration:                  12 months. The first 6 months you will have 

          Norwegian level A1, level A2 and level B1. The

next 6 months you will have Norwegian level B2 and

some supplementary education to get your Norwegian

authorization. That is course in Norwegian health

services, health legislation and society, course in safe

handling of medicine and the medical proficiency


As it looks today, all testing will be done when you come 

to Norway.


The classes: From 08:00 am to 12:00 pm or 04:00 – 08:00.

For the classes starting in September 2020 everything will be online due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation.


Attendance and the

flexibility of the courses You can choose if you want to attend the class in the morning or in the evening. Even the 4 hours in between the 2 scheduled classes, the classroom is available for you. You must go to school every day Monday to Friday – 5 days a week. All classes are recorded, so you can even take the class from home

if you have a laptop and internet connection. But doing it from home must be reported to the school and you must have a valid reason for it.

If you have already taken Norwegian level B1, you can start the course in level B2 – or in A1, A2 or B1. But be certain you don´t overestimate your own language skills. It is better to start one level lower than one level to high.

But everybody must take the course in Norwegian health

services, health legislation and society, course in safe

handling of medicine and the medical proficiency

courses to have a nurse authorization in Norway.


Estimated duration of 

each language level           A1: approximately 2 months

                                           A2: approximately 2 months

                                           B1: approximately 5 months 

                                           B2: approximately 5 months (the last 2 months might be in Norway)

The costs: The costs for all course material is 110 €, and after that you must pay 110 € every month for 14 months, including 2 months in Norway. All together 1650 € (= NOK 17.710, PHP 95.820) Every student will be sponsored by Medical Recruitment and Staffing AS for the rest of the expenses related to this 14-months course, the flight to Norway and the rest of the education and all testing done in Norway. This will be more than 3 times what you have paid yourself.


Requirements:   You must sign an agreement with us that you must work for us in Norway for minimum 3 years – and hopefully longer.

Age limit:           There is no age limit.

Teachers:         All teachers will be Norwegian university or college teachers. Everything will be in Norwegian.

Norwegian authorization: As soon as you have started the course you must apply for a Norwegian authorization. The price is NOK 1.665 = PHP 8.950. You also must pay for other costs related to the application. 

Visa for going to Norway: You must pay the visa expenses yourself (NOK 6.300 = 34.100 PHP)

All costs: 95.820 PHP + 8.950 PHP + 34.100 PHP = 138.870 PHP or approximately 140.000 PHP (exchange rate per 31.07.2020)


Rules and regulations: Those who will not be accepted by the Norwegian Health Directorate because of educational deficiencies, will be refunded what they have paid if they prefer not to go to Norway. But you can always work as an assistant nurse/healthcare worker (helsefagarbeider). You will earn a little less than a nurse, but the difference is not that big. Most Filipino nurses in Norway are working as assistant nurses/healthcare workers.

Those who stops the course and quit the program, will have no refund.

Those who do not pass a test, do not follow the lessons properly or do not deliver homework, can be dismissed from the course without any refund.

When you come to Norway you will start working and you will have all your tests. If you do not pass a test, you can take a new test, but this test you must pay yourself.


Norway need a lot of nurses (6.000 for the moment), so we will be continuously

holding courses in the Philippines. Every course will be announced properly.

You will have Filipino nurses working in Norway to assist you when you have

any type of problem. Just email them or call them on Viber. You will have all

contact information later.

You must sign up by contacting the owner of the school: 

Dr. Hazel D. Tamayo


Yahoo Global (US)

Welcome to online Norwegian courses!


My name is Cecilie Lønn, and I have been teaching Norwegian to foreigners for 23 years. I have also written various books for Norwegian learners; my first work being published in 2008. I have since then written another ten books for those seeking to acquaint themselves with the language, eleven in total, with the twelfth arriving this autumn.


I have taught for several schools on a variety of levels of proficiency. Amongst other things, I taught B2 for 16 years at the University of Oslo. For many years, I had classes consisting entirely of healthcare workers. The last few years, I have taught many classes of Spanish and Lithuanian healthcare workers – as could seem to have become a “speciality” of mine. Recognising this, I have written a dedicated 

book for healthcare workers learning Norwegian, stretching from A1 to B2. The book aims to teach not only grammar and common vocabulary but expands into the terminology of healthcare and medicine.


I teach Norwegian to people of copious backgrounds, teaching on all levels ranging from A1 to C1, though particularly with people trying to pass Norskprøven (B2) and Bergenstesten (B2-C1), both of which are required to work in healthcare in Norway. Taking and passing these tests is accordingly a milestone – and I make it my mission to aid those willing to work to reach it.


I have a wide world of Norwegian courses to follow, and there are equally many ways to combine them, but I am here to help each choose and propose a combination tailored to your needs. All that sign up with Norsk Opplæring AS become a member of the Norsk for deg!-web portal, where you may participate in live courses on any and every level with virtual classrooms with plenty of videos to watch, recordings to listen to, tasks to do, and tests to take.


I have many students from every corner of the world and having so many students enables me to offer good prices on my courses. I want to let anyone have the means to learn Norwegian – and I provide quality every step of the way there. The path to proficiency is not easily trodden, but it can be done. My passion is helping you reach your goal, and I will walk this path along with, doing everything to make the journey as exciting, interesting, and educative as possible. If the road seems particularly rough, I will always be there to help you along. 😊


Together with Norsk Opplæring and we have tailored courses and books necessary for your path towards your B2 test. You will be invoiced for the portal, the courses, and the necessary material directly from Norsk Opplæring AS, and the best of all, with reduced prices.


I look forward to having you as my student!



Cecilie Lønn

Head teacher at Norsk Opplæring AS

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